My name is Nikola Cucakovic, I'm a security engineer. I enjoy building, breaking, and fixing things - especially games. I'm particularly interested in Mobile, Web, and Cloud technologies. See about me to find out more.

  • Object Oriented Discord Bot in Python

    Discord bots are a great way to enhance the functionality of a server and enrich user experience. There are many tutorials out there that provide a quick and dirty approach to creating a discord bot but very few, if any, discuss scalable alternatives.This post digs into creating and structuring a discord bot for larger projects using object orientated programming.

  • Handling Relative URLs for Redirects / Forwards

    Remediating unvalidated forwards and redirects is almost always achieved by using an allow list of absolute URLs. Although what do you do if the absolute URL is not known ahead of time? This post digs into validating URLs for redirects / forwards using a relative path.

  • R2Con2020 CTF - Cyberlock

    A walk through of solving the Cyberlock CTF challenge from r2con2020 using the Radare2 framework. This post breaks down the process of reversing an unknown x86 binary and showcases some of the capabilities of the framework.

  • Creating a Custom Root by Patching SuperSU

    An introduction into how existing popular rooting frameworks can be customised to provide a more stealthy alternative. This post highlights the importance of setting up a streamlined Android environment for security testing. In addition, I walk through an open source tool I wrote for modifying one of these frameworks that makes it virtually undetectable using conventional methods.

  • Debugging & Instrumenting Swift Applications on iOS 13

    A high level overview of debugging and dynamically instrumenting Swift mobile applications on iOS 13. This post goes into detail on some of the nuances of testing on iOS 13, some tips on working with Swift apps with the dynamic instrumentation framework Frida, and some general information for getting set up.

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