Say hi to Sarah

Say hi to S.A.R.A.H. (Self Actuated Residential Automated Habitat). A couple of years ago I enjoyed watching Eureka, a nice scifi tv show. The main character in the show lives in a smart home called Sarah. This was my very first contact with smart home technology. It was just a scifi show but still my vision of living in such a house was born since then. In the last couple of years I lived in some shared flats. Back then I don't had the intent to build up smart things. But last year I moved together with my girlfriend in a new flat. The smart home vision was still there and I started thinking about the details and how to realize each functionality. In the next blog posts I want to share my vision, ideas, projects and solutions I've build so far and what my upcoming plans are. Here is a short overview about what I've used and achieved so far:




  • Remote control lamps/sockets: my lights in the bedroom and living room can be controlled with a smartphone or laptop which enables me to lay in my bed and turn off the lights
  • Synchronized multi-room audio connected to Spotify, Soundcloud and you can connect to it via Airplay. You can control the volume of each room separately


  • Add sensor for temperature and humidity in my rooms (living room, bath, kitchen)
  • Control the heaters
  • Monitor everything and create fancy graphs
  • Voice control my existing actions
  • Voice control integration of Amazon Echo / combine it with Siri
  • Indoor location tracking: turn lights on if someone (the system knows of) enters the room
  • Control IR devices in the living room
  • Custom ambilight clone for my tv
Date: 03.06.2016